You always start from an inspiration

Altriluoghi was born in 2009 when a group of friends with a keen interest in a natural lifestyle and a love for good taste met for a dinner. It was born to try to bridge the gap between fashion and eco-friendly clothing, letting ideas speak and whispering sustainability.

The association between food and fashion is apparently unexpected, but utterly spontaneous: just like in the kitchen you can innovate and amaze with simple, natural ingredients, so fashion can be ethics and style at the same time.  A final touch was still necessary: “I wanted the printing ink to be extracted from the ingredient represented in the T-shirt design, so as to link food and fashion indissolubly in an alchemy of tastes and aims.” That is why the Coffee T-shirt is printed with coffee, the Chocolate one with chocolate, and so on.

Today, with Altriluoghi, we want to evoke those little everyday actions that reveal our being Italian, like the morning coffee or the pasta with tomato sauce.